The Story

The Story

St. Royale Vodka was founded in 2016 to bring more craftsmanship and innovation to the Spirit Industry. We launched our first product as a direct result of consumers seeking a more health-conscious product.


We have become one of the most anticipated beverages to launch in recent years. Due to that anticipation, St. Royale Vodka won the gold medal award in the 2018 Craft Competition.


There are numerous spirit brands on the market today that produce premium and flavored vodkas, the consensus is that their product fall short of the actual flavor. St. Royale Vodka is second to none, being true to our craft and staying authentic is very important.


Success can often breed happiness, but the journey is what makes it all relevant.


Take a Sip and Bee-Royale!

Mission Statement

GreenLine Spirits’ mission is to educate consumers on healthier consumption by connecting real people with real ingredients.

The Story

Every cocktail is made better with St. Royale Premium and St. Royale Green Tea flavored vodkas.