St. Royale Vodka was founded in 2016 to bring more craftsmanship and innovation to the spirit industry. We will be launching our first product in May 2017 in the State of Illinois, Georgia, Missouri, followed by, Arizona, Carolina, and Florida. As a direct result of consumers seeking a more health-conscious product and considering the mixability that is displayed in our recipes, we have become one of the most anticipated beverages to launch in recent years by both men and women. Our goal is to educate our customers on what ingredients we are using to manufacture our vodka and more importantly, when creating our wonderful recipes, making sure we are using only the finest mixes available. There are numerous spirit brands on the market today that produce flavored vodkas, but the general consensus is that their products fall short of the actual flavor. The mission of St. Royale Vodka is to consistently produce tea-based flavors that will not only taste exceptional, but also provide consumers with a healthier alternative to what is already on the market.