Premium Vodka

St. Royale

Premium Vodka

The award-winning St. Royale Premium Vodka is a spectacularly refreshing vodka made in small batches and distilled six times. Our vodka arrives as a neutral grain spirit, made from corn being fermented and distilled until “only the heart of distillate remains,” leaving fewer impurities. the quality and flavor are further enhanced by the vodka’s water source, as we use only the best ultra clean mountain spring water available.


Due to such an intricate process, we give customers a smooth, clean, crisp, gluten-free vodka that is second to none.


Take a sip and be Royale!!

Vodka Profile

750mL | 40% Alc./Vol. | 80 Proof

Fewer Impurities • Clean Mountain Spring Water • Smooth, Clean, and Crisp Finish

Premium Cocktails

Try our cocktail recipes made with St. Royale Premium Vodka.

Southern Charm


2.5 oz St. Royale Green Tea Vodka -or- Premium

1.5 oz Peach Schnapps

1 Full crushed strawberry Splash of Lemonade




Shake all ingredients. Top with lemonade Garnish with Sugar Covered Strawberry.

The Easy Green


2 oz St. Royale Green Tea Vodka on the rocks