Considering there are numerous flavored vodkas in the world today we wanted to embark on a new way of drinking alcoholic beverages. St. Royale Vodka selected green tea in attempt to provide a beverage for the more health conscious vodka drinkers in the world.

St. Royale Vodka has one of the lowest calories per serving ratings among some of the top vodka brands in the world. SRV is by far the healthier alternative to some other options on the market. Also, SRV is Gluten Free with No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

SRV approached the issue that most vodka brands encounter in the very beginning of formulation: What do we base our vodka from? SRV is based on a neutral grain spirit that arrives for corn, not potatoes like most other vodkas- specifically because potatoes contain many toxins that distillation does not remove. So basing our vodka from a more purer source from the very beginning allows us to effectively eliminate any unwanted impurities during distillation and add additional healthier ingredients.

We at SRV want to approach drinkers with a new way to think about drinking, by providing our clients with a healthier alternative to what is already available. Not only do we want to provide a great tasting beverage, we want to take advantage of those individuals that our conscious of their bodies and more importantly provide an ambiance of class and sophistication.