The Definition of Royal-Tea

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St. Royale Green Tea Flavored Vodka is a refreshing blend of neutral grain spirits, green tea extract and natural honey. By using honey as our only natural sweetener, we are able to provide our clients with one of the lowest calorie beverages on the market today that is also Gluten Free. The end result is a crisp, clear vodka with a smooth and invigorating taste. Each time consumers take a sip, they not only will experience a luxury beverage but also will join us in our support of bee species and their habitats. Take a sip and be Royale!!

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The St. Royale Experience is the best time to discover your element and mingle with friends, enjoy a great venue, music, food and our green-tea vodka.

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Take a sip and be Royale...

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"I was surprised by how much I liked it. It has a good, thick mouth-feel, very smooth and rounded, and the green tea and honey blend perfectly on the palate, and in the throat." Read More

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Take a sip and be Royale...

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