St. Royale Green
Tea Flavored Vodka

The Award winning St. Royale Green Tea Flavored Vodka is a refreshing blend of neutral grain spirits, green tea extract and natural honey. By using honey as our only natural sweetener we are able to provide our clients with one of the lowest calorie beverages on the market today that is Gluten Free. Through normal distillation many of the impurities that are found in vodka are removed. By way of small batches our product is six-times distilled, which allows us to take advantage of a refined product by adding the green tea extract in at just the right time – after the third distillation cycle – which allows more of the tea to remain and be more potent. The vodka is then distilled three more times removing any toxins and combining the vodka, green tea and honey.

The end result is a crisp and clear vodka with a smooth and invigorating taste. Each time consumers take a sip they not only will experience a luxury beverage, but also will join us in our support of bee species and their habitat. Honeybee populations around the world have been declining, and so St. Royale Vodka has partnered with the BEE Girl Organization in efforts to help protect the bees that produce the honey needed to create our product.

Take a sip and be Royale!!


St. Royale Premium Vodka

The award-winning St. Royale Premium Vodka
is a spectacularly refreshing vodka made in small batches and distilled six times. Our vodka arrives as a neutral grain spirit, made from corn being fermented and distilled until “only the heart of distillate remains,” leaving fewer impurities. the quality and flavor are further enhanced by the vodka’s water source, as we use only the best ultra clean mountain spring water available.

Due to such an intricate process, we give customers a smooth, clean, crisp, gluten-free vodka that is second to none.

Take a sip and Bee Royale!!